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Saturday, March 12, 2011

WFMU Cherry Blossom Clinic

Hey, it’s Terre T, the host of the Cherry Blossom Clinic. I’m writing you about something that’s pretty important. The 2011 WFMU fundraising marathon is underway, and my second and final show will be THIS SATURDAY, MARCH 12th from 3-6 PM EST.

If you’ve discovered awesome bands through my show or if you’ve won tickets or enjoyed the countless great live bands I’ve had on the show (or maybe you’re IN one of the bands I’ve had on the show!) now is the time for you to step up and support WFMU during its annual fundraiser. We are a non-profit, listener supported station, and we depend on the pledges of magnificent people like you to keep the station running.

So call 1-800-989-9368 or pledge online at wfmu.org this Saturday between 3-6 PM EST---DURING MY SHOW - to get the exclusive Cherry Blossom Clinic premium available ONLY during my shift to everybody who pledges $75 or more! The $75 donation DURING my shift gets you all this: COOKING CHERRIES (my punk/6Ts/glam rarities CD), a beautiful limited edition matching apron by EYE NOISE, a new WFMU tee and a sticker! AND you get in my exclusive prize drawings described below! All of this cool stuff automatically for a pledge of $75 or more! But again – you’ve gotta make the pledge DURING MY SHOW on Saturday March 12th between 3-6 PM EST (unless you EMAIL ME at cherrywfmumarathon@gmail.com before the show & I’ll take care of it!)