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Friday, May 31, 2013

riverview Jazz festival

June 2nd, Riverview Jazz Festival!  The Riverview art district is blooming!
Jazz in the park

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Creative Grove under Siege

Back on the scene and ready for the 2013 season, Sirelo Entertainment & Grassroots Community Space present a summer of music dance and art demonstrations that will highlight the creative grandur that is our city.

2013 Creative Grove Under Siege Season Dates:
4/26, 5/31, 6/28, 7/26

On 4/26/13:

Music provided by DeepJust Aquabeat
Dj/Producer DeepJust Aquabeat is a veteran of the NYC house music scene with over 20 years behind the turntables and even more on the dance floor.

The 1st born son of Haitian immigrants began experimenting; mixing jazz, soul, psychodelic rock fusion with the infectious grooves of House & Techno. He plays & mixes a soulful blend of deep electronic and cultural dance rhythms with a dancer's sensibility. He's fast becoming known for his technical approach, thoughtful selection and fuel injected sets.


Performances/Demonstrations by:
Free Slasa Class by Performing Arts Workshop 7-8pm (All ages dance & theatre)
Hoopnotica Trained, Robyn Martijena, (Hula Hoop fitness)
Cynthia Renta, (Afro-Caribbean Song and Dance)

Displays by:
Earth Materials by Frank and Yelena.
Hand Crafted Jewelry by Cynthia Renta
Vintage jewelry and headdress by Vera Vixeness
Indiegrove Jersey City

Participant Bio & Information:

The Performing Arts Workshop:
is the product of a lifetime spent in the dance studio, on the stage and behind the scenes. Founder and Artistic Director, Jaime Gong, has drawn on all of her experience to become the dancer/educator she is today. Jaime’s personal mission is to create an environment where all students can thrive, promoting the values of discipline and determination that are essential to achieving success in any endeavor.
(201) 424-3075

Robyn Martijena:
Hula Hoop Teacher, Grammar & Writing Tutor, Aromatherapy Cream Maker, Nutrition/Diet Coach, Sales & Marketing Assistant & Entertainment Manager.

Yelena “Yeli” Zivkovich:
is a Jersey City born Conceptual Artist for over a decade, ready to display her visual journey through life, highlighting beauty within nature, love, fantasy, and a little sarcasm on current events.
Web Site: yzconcepts.com, yeliart@facebook.com
E-Mail: yelissima@me.com

Vera Vixeness:
an FIT graduate, is currently a Jersey City based Artist. A former Middle Eastern Dancer her work is heavily influenced by Arabic, Indian, Native and Mexican Culture. She is painter, vintage enthusiast, jewelry and headdress designer.
www.veravixeness.com, Veravixeness@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vvjewelry,https://www.facebook.com/veravvintage

Cynthia Renta:
Jewelry and Accessory Designer bridging roots and urban aesthetic for the city goddess. Afro-Diaspora movement dance theatre company that promotes radical self-acceptance in all dancing bodies.
For Details Contact: Cynthia Renta, 201-208-3280, cynthiarenta@hotmail.comhttps://www.facebook.com/cynthiarenta

Entrepreneurs and independent professionals do not conform to one way of thinking, nor should the space they work in. Indiegrove is a community of individuals committed to hard work, collaboration and business sustainability. The space, resources and events are designed to provide your business the credibility and access to be successful and the environment you need to be happy.
For More info: indiegrovejc.com, 201-589-2068 or email info@indiegrovejc.com to schedule a tour.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A time in arcadia, exhibit at Curious Matter

A Time in Arcadia

May 19 to June 23, 2013
Presented by Curious Matter & The Jersey City Free Public Library – a special collaboration featuring work by 33 contemporary artists and a bibliography of nearly 200 selections from the Main Library’s 6 Departments and 9 Branches.
“Is not thilke the mery moneth of May,
When loue lads masken in fresh aray?
How falles it then, we no merrier bene,
Ylike as others, girt in gawdy greene?
Our bloncket liueryes bene all to sadde,
For thilke same season, when all is ycladd
With pleasaunce: the grownd with grasse, the Wods
With greene leaues, the bushes with bloosming Buds.
Yougthes folke now flocken in euery where,
To gather may bus-kets and smelling brere:
And home they hasten the postes to dight,
And all the Kirke pillours eare day light,
With Hawthorne buds, and swete Eglantine,
And girlonds of roses and Sopps in wine.
Such merimake holy Saints doth queme,
But we here sytten as drownd in a dreme.”


We dream of Arcadia. Whether it’s called Eden or Shangri-la, we long for a verdant and fecund place where food comes without toil and peace fills our days. Some cultures have taken a more proactive approach to attaining this dream and set aside land to build their own Arcadias. Persian paradise gardens and the Italian Renaissance Mannerist gardens were attempts, by those with the means, to create a place separate from the dreary drudgeries of life. Extravagant fountains and statuary complemented clipped hedges and trellised vines, all surrounded by a wall to protect the sanctuary.
Ewelina Bochenska, (film stills) LOA, 2013, 16mm film decayed in homemade concoctions, including tumeric, fruits, flowers and organic material. 5:39 minutes.
Ewelina Bochenska, (film stills) LOA, 2013, 16mm film decayed in homemade concoctions, including tumeric, fruits, flowers and organic material. 5:39 minutes.
Not all gardens were so grand and ornamental. Medieval monastery gardens could be intimate in scale and cultivated solely for food and medicinals. The plants themselves being the most vital component. For most life on Earth, plants are the base of the food chain. Their importance is nearly absolute. Relying upon the plentiful light of the sun for survival, plants create their own food. Often they produce more than they need at any one time. These stored reserves feed the rest of life on Earth. Roots, stems, leaves, seeds and fruit are all exploited by the diversity of living things to obtain their own nourishment for survival.

read more at www.curiousmatter.org

J City Theater call for theater production participants

We here at J CITY Theater, continue to recover from Hurricane Sandy.  We had hoped to be able to see you this Spring - but many factors led us to make the hard decision that continued recovery was needed.  Our standards for excellence are very high - and when we feel that we can't meet them - it is better to wait.
That being said, we are using this rare down time to build a stronger foundation.  J CITY  has grown by leaps and bounds over the past few years and it is time to expand our team to grow along with our audiences.
Over the summer we will be looking for people who are in love with theater and want to participate in this exciting time of renewal.  Open positions are:
Technical Director
Lighting designer
Publicity Director
Community Development Expert
Volunteer Coordinator
Stage Manager
Also - we are looking for Board Members - those who would be interested in having a greater investment in the growth and success of J CITY.  So please get in touch with us if you want to be a part of our exciting coming season.
We'll be back!