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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

animal paw-traits at Project Greenville


Andy Castillo Exhibition @ City Hall
Reception Tuesday August 14, 6-8pm
Rotunda Gallery, City Hall, 280 Grove Street

Info: Greg Brickey 201-547-4333


By Eladio de los Santos GarcĂ­a

The influence that an artist exerts on another is unpredictable, but recognizable. Much is known about the influence exerted by a father over his child. What is less known is the influence from a child over his father’s painting, even if it has been a repeated phenomenon in the history of art. Such is the case of Daniel and Andy Castillo, son and father. The influence of Daniel over the work of Andy has been indelible; as much as the contours, the line fluidity, as the washes and brush strokes.

We know, as said by Rolando Barthes, that style has a biological origin. Therefore, between Daniel and his Father Andy there must be a stylistic closeness because of their biological proximity, but mostly because of the affectionate relationship between Father and Son. The love between them is so strong that their imaginary expression ineffably unites them in the imaginary quest in which both of them are the same. The result of this quest is an unparalleled work.

Remembering Picasso, who once said, “All children are born as artists. The problem is on how to continue to be artists while growing up”, We believe that Andy noticed that his son was a natural born artist that was born in a convenient place to develop his artistic ability. That is why, having exhausted so many academic studies in fine arts, the father finds in his son the best source to feed upon and enrich his work. This way Andy might obtain in his youth what took Picasso all of his life, or 80 years.

“Learning how to paint as the Renaissance painters took me a few years; painting like a child took me a life time”.

The similarity of Andy’s palette with his son has configured an imaginary world between them, where portraits of trees, fish, animals etc abound. The child Daniel can jump from a palette of grey tones to a palette of vivid tones. Green and orange tones express sadness and joy.

They sit side by side to determine what they see or figure in a group of lines and traces. The simplest sketch directs them through a path in which the realization of art reaches the satisfaction of the soul, in a type of game in which love becomes art. In this way they complete, beside Silvio Rodriguez, that chorus that says: “Only love turns clay into miracles. Only love engenders marvel”.                                                                           

The Tri-State Art and Music Festival

The festival will bring artists, artisans, poets and musicians from New Jersey, New York and Philadelphia to the Monroe Center for the Arts.Curated and promoted by Lynda Smith, the Tri State Festival has been held annually for the last five years with great crowd participation.

Admission is free and so is parking.

For further information contact: 732-504-42 97
Exhibition Address
Monroe Center for the Arts
720 Monroe Street, Hoboken N.J.
Sunday, 08/19/12
11am- 7pm

**Hob’art Gallery** will be open for Hoboken gallery walk.
E208, 2nd floor of Monroe Center
Monroe Center is glad to be a part of the continuously growing art community in Hudson County. We are always seeking new opportunities to collaborate with other art related businesses in developing a strong creative culture through programs and activities.
Thank you Fish With Braids Gallery.


Monday, August 13, 2012

Alien vs Robot Fun raiser art party

aug 23, thursday
7 - 10.30 pm

raising the FUN,

the art community needs the community!

Art party with
glow in the dark body painting,
ALIEN VS ROBOT  dress up theme (be your most creative!!)
alien robot on the computer tags the robotic  robot!

Creative prizes and Community Raffle items!

Funding goes to:
permit fees,  Fall 2012 CREATIVE GROVE
market structures  as lights, cable covers, cables

online donations can be made via
Paypal : creativegrove@gmail.com

190  Christopher Columbus Drive, Fish with Braids Gallery and art space
Jersey City
646 573 7164

call for art, studio tour JC, arthouse

This is a final special announcement for those artists within the New Jersey area.

We are pleased to invite you to participate in the annual JC Open Artists Studio Tour held at Art House Productions curated by Artmeme with artwork remaining on display for two weeks.

"Elements" is the theme and we are looking to combine an array of artists featuring original artworks in the form of: paintings (oil, water color, acrylic, etc.) drawings, mixed media, photography, graphic design, illustration, multimedia and demo art. Artists invite you to discover and view elements used such as: lines, shapes, form, space, texture, value and color. Bringing together various fundamentals creates a feeling of balance, understanding, peace and appreciation.

"Elements" is a two weeklong event beginning with a Sneak Peak Art Party on October 11th and a closing reception on October 25th. We will notify accepted artists on July 25th so submit NOW! Please note accepted artists will need to sign a release of liability form.

Thank you for submitting and we look forward to reviewing your artwork!

Have a great weekend.

Laura & Christine
An Artmeme and Art House Productions collaboration supporting our artist community