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Friday, March 29, 2013

Easter KICK OFF on Grove street Plaza

Kick off Easter on good friday with fluffy pink Easter bunnies,
psychedelic eggs, an inofficial egg hunt between displays,
and a discovery tour around the plaza.

Dear community, celebrate the lovely weather, Spring, Ostara goddess, Jesus Christ and
the many more deities with the divinely Creatives!

Kaliptus brings his art for display and his experimental & instrumental dose of audio beats guaranteed to make you melt and bliss out.

There might be first hoopers out.

Artists on good friday:

Sylvia Padilla
Kathleen Patricia
Paul Richard
Uta Brauser
Michael Di Feo
Luisa Pinzon
Fish with Braids Gallery

We love being here,
cheering every friday to the United Nations of Jersey City with creative glamour and
music! Please join in on growing the wonderfulness of the neighborhood and your
home community!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Stage Fest at the Landmark Loews Theater

Sundays program at the big theater, balcony and small theaters upstairs:
office of dead letters, 
concert of classics, 
smiles to saturn, 
sit on my lap, 
before after and always, 
day one readthrough, 
woman with pocketbook, 
the racketeers, 
hurricane alana, 
the wall

a HUGE program, incredible setting at the phantastic landmark Loews Theater right there
at the "Heart of the City" Journal Square.

with a collection of Broadway costumes on display,

Jersey City enjoy your art and culture as it is being made available!!