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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Hey Chill(i)town!

So the weather outside IS frightful...
but 4th Street's bringing you an event that will surely be dElightful
...and delicious :)
The 2nd Annual 4th Street Arts Chili-Cook-off

$5 to fill your belly with chili goodness from the best resident chefs and local restaurants Jersey City has to offer, plus music, booze, and fun!

Parlay Studios

2nd street x Provost, Powerhouse Arts district
march 6,   2 - 6.30 pm

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

start the Art Crawl at CREATIVE GROVE

CREATIVE GROVE:  part of JCs art crawl: JC Fridays, meet fab designers, artists,
Fish with Braids Gallery, Kaliptus Art

chill to the electronic sounds of DJ Kaliptus and Reggae by DJ Super Rock!
always a fun place to meet folks, bounce to beats, have a bite,
test out the softness of the sofas or lounge chairs,
and shop for creative originals.
or get your face painted.
It's a big party day with long night to follow
Grove Street PATH Plaza,  friday march 4, 2 - 8 pm
go to www.jcfridays.com for the details  if you did not get a printed map..

the tempest open mic/ jam sessions @ lamp post

Lets see if we can drink the bar out of Pabsts Blue Ribbon!

Sign up is at 8:30pm. Playing starts at Nine.
- Play by yourself of backed up by house band.
- Poets welcomed and encouraged to participate.
- House KEYBOARD open to the public (and I don't mean a laptop :P)
Roland Ramos presents.
Live music in JC

Monday, February 28, 2011

JC FRIDAYS in a nutshell

if that is possible: instead of hundreds of postings,
go to JCFridays.com for the exact details.
here in a nutshell:
Bergen Lafayette:
 10:30pm-12pm JOHN FATHOM presents “Super Ego Idiot - A Conversation with My Superior Self.” When we refuse our friends’ advice, we refuse our intuition, but when we refuse our own advice we’re withholding true progress from ourselves. Discover what happens when a man holds himself accountable for not being as good as he can, every time that he can. In essence: John Fathom will roast himself. 660 Grand St, 2nd Fl (betw State/Westervelt), 201-736-2831.
 Exchange place and Paulus hook:
Visual Arts 6pm-9pm CAMILLE CESARI & LOVEPRINT JEWELRY presents “Wavelengths,” abstract paintings by Allie Read Brodhead. Allie’s work explores the subconscious with media such as Venetian plaster, acrylic and oil paint, and clippings from newspapers. Would you like to explore your subconscious images? What’s your wavelength? There will be a blank canvas that all are invited to contribute to. 128 Sussex St (betw Warren/Van Vorst St), 201-280-2215. Barrier-freeFamily Event
Visual Arts 2pm-10pm ACADEMY OF MASSAGE THERAPY presents a Student Clinic. Academy of Massage Therapy is inviting you to appreciate the art of massage therapy in our student clinic all weekend! Mention JC Fridays when booking and receive a one-hour massage for $25 (March 4, 5, 6). 75 Montgomery St, 2nd Fl (at Washington St), 201-568-3220 x203.

10am-7pm ROSE MOULTRIE/ROSE CREATIONS GALLERY AND GIFT SHOP presents “Rose Creations,” featuring Madina designs, hats and hair wraps. Live demonstrations (noon-1pm, 6-7pm), banana leaf art, collectables, other Afrocentric items, Becky craft magnets, crochet items, Queen handmade crochet items, Bernice Bell handmade pillows. 360 MLK Drive, located in Extra Supermarket in the HUB (betw Virginia Ave/Kearny), 201-388-0169. Barrier-free Family Event  
Grove Street area:
8am-8pm JERSEY CITY CULTURAL AFFAIRS presents “Women’s History Month Group Exhibition,” a group exhibition in the Rotunda Gallery. City Hall, 280 Grove St (betw Montgomery/Grove St), 201-547-4333. Barrier-free Family Event
Visual Arts 11am-8pm PARK AND SIXTH - COMFORT FOOD PARK AND SIXTH - COMFORT FOODpresents “Select Works by Miss Dabree.” Park and Sixth welcomes you to view select works by painter Debbie Manville A.K.A. Miss Dabree. Her work blends elements of bright colors, graphics that pop and words to formulate meaning. Curated by Tara Thurber V3 -vision.verb.vibe. 364 Grove St (betw Bay/First St), 201-918-6072. Family Event
Visual ArtsMusicPerformance 2pm-8pm ARTS IN ACTION presents “CREATIVE GROVE artist and designer market.” The outdoor artist, designer, creatives, handmade, performers and musicians scene is resuming already from February 4th, Jersey City’s weekly space in the public, on the Grove street PATH plaza. Fridays 2-8pm, meet the neighborhood, locally made art, deejays, free expression encouraged. Grove St PATH Plaza, Newark Ave closed off portion (at Columbus Dr), 646-573-7164. Barrier-free Family Event
Music 6pm-9pm THE HARD GROVE CAFÉ presents live music by Los Huevos. Los Huevos is a four piece blues/rock band that has played extensively in the tri-state area for the last 5 years. They are heavily influenced by the soul and funk of the late 1960’s. Most of their songs are about food. 319 Grove St (across from Grove PATH station), 201-451-1853. Barrier-free Family Event
Visual Arts 6pm-10pm STAR BAR presents “Craft Beer & Craft Photography.” We’re partnering with Climax Brewery, NJ’s oldest craft beer maker, to present a special brewery night featuring their delicious and rare craft beers. Some art you hang on the wall; some you drink! Plus, a digital art show featuring street artists from the United States, UK and Australia. 34 Wayne Street (at Grove St), 201-367-1222.
PerformanceEducational 6pm-10pm DOWNTOWN LIVE DOWNTOWN LIVEpresents a Martial Arts Demonstration. Our new weekly program Tang Soo Do Academy, taught by master Rich Ahlers, will wow you with the Movements of Traditional Korean Martial Arts. Visit Downtown Live, a beautiful iconic multi-use space, for a glance at Hyung Demonstrations (forms), Weapon Hyung (forms) and Kyok Pa (board breaking) 143 C. Columbus Dr (at Barrow St), 201-344-2888. Family Event
Visual Arts 7pm-11pm MICHAEL DUBOSE presents “How Did I Get Here?” Back by popular demand, DuBose returns to the Hard Grove Café. Since his last appearance, he has been working hard at crafting new images, including a comic strip penned as “Emerge,” portraits and other thought provoking paintings. 319 Grove St (across from Grove PATH station), 201-451-1853. Barrier-free Family Event  
Hamilton Park:
10am-6pm 14TH STREET GARDEN CENTER presents an exhibition of works on canvas by Carmelina Giordano. Stop by and be inspired by her Jersey City images! While there, 14th Street Garden Center invites you to explore this family-run store full of lush indoor and outdoor plants. 793 Jersey Ave (between 14th St/Jersey Ave), 201-963-1414. Barrier-free Family Event
Visual Arts 10am-8pm DOWNTOWN COOP invites you to come in and enjoy photograph art by Peter Zirnis and Gene Super. While there, scope out their range of products and produce (like fish from the Fulton Fish Market and beef from cows raised in New Jersey), and place your grocery requests on their oversized chalk board! Stay local, stay healthy. 29 McWilliams Pl (at 9th St). Barrier-free Family Event
Performance 6pm-11pm PARKSIDE BISTRO presents “Mediterranean Night at Parkside,” featuring live music throughout the night and an exciting belly dance performance. Come join us for a fun night and enjoy our extensive menu. For more information and reservations call 201-222-2144. BYOB. 131 Erie St (at 8th St), 201-222-2144. Family Event
Visual ArtsMusic 7pm-11pm 58 GALLERY presents a viewing of “Pulp,” new paintings by Ken Bastard. “Pulp” draws inspiration from the Pulp Magazine style of the 1930s. Live music by the Audiobodies, Olde Ghost and special guests, with DJ Dangerous Dave. 58 Coles St (3rd St), 917-349-1693. Barrier-free Family Event
Visual ArtsMusicEducational 7pm-11pm ART HOUSE PRODUCTIONS ART HOUSE PRODUCTIONSpresents an Opening Reception for “Freeze,” a group exhibition exploring the act of preservation. A memory captured, a place frozen in time, the icy world of winter. Artist Laura Gravenstine will demonstrate a live human casting on Art House’s Christine Goodman throughout the night! Find out about the process from Laura as she works. Live music all evening. 1 McWilliams Pl, 6th Fl (SE corner of Hamilton Park), 201-915-9911. Barrier-free  
the heights:
24/7 E. JAN KOUNITZ presents “Dogs and their People,” the latest addition to the ongoing photo essay of the Jersey City Heights called “ME HOOD” by E. Jan Kounitz. People, places and events, featuring local residents and merchants. The Breher Building, 357 Palisade Ave, Exterior Windows, (betw Palisade/Franklin), 917-447-6588. Barrier-free
Family Event
Visual ArtsPerformance 6pm-9pm THE DISTILLERY GALLERY & ARTSPACE presents an Opening Reception for “Infinite Rewind,” a group exhibition exploring how artists re-make and re-envision history and heresy. 7 Hutton Street (at Palisade Ave), 201-855-9020. Family Event 
McGinley Square
7pm-11:30pm UPTOWN CREW UPTOWN CREWpresents “JC Originals,” a showcase of Jersey City’s best performing artists. Host Nick Ciavatta of Friggin Fabulous Productions brings you an evening of singer-songwriters, spoken word artists and more. And bring your appetite for the Friday Night Fish Fry in beautiful, historic Moore’s Lounge! Suggested donation: $7 (dinner extra). 189 Monticello Ave (at Jewett), 201-332-4309. 
Newark ave, Downtown 
9am-10pm MADE WITH LOVE ARTISAN BAKERY AND CAFÉ MADE WITH LOVE ARTISAN BAKERY AND CAFÉpresents “Actualities (Roman Number 2),” photography by John Crittenden. New work, plus vintage images freshly rendered. Informed by a life spent in journalism, John’s aim is to astonish you with beauty that is grounded in reality. Join our Opening Party (7-9:30pm), featuring music from Chrissy Roberts. 530 Jersey Ave (betw Newark/Columbus Dr), 201-451-5199. Barrier-free Family Event
Visual Arts 11am-11pm HUDSON COUNTY ART SUPPLY presents “WindowMural.” Roberta Melzl’s window design is created from an accumulation of sources, and is built to form a reshaping of real-world imagery. Enjoy the new mural, alongside our previous murals, and come see our permanent collection of art inside. Oh, and discounts for JC Friday artgazers! 303 First St (betw 1st/Coles St), 201-413-0900. Barrier-freeFamily Event
Visual Arts 12:00pm-3am PORT-O LOUNGE PORT-O LOUNGEpresents “A Look into Another World.” Port-O Lounge invites you come and enjoy lunch, dinner and/or drinks while taking a look into another world, Diogo Neto’s world. This artist draws you in with comfort and tranquility through his portraits and landscapes. Curated by Tara Thurber V3 - vision.verb.vibe. 286 First St (at Newark Ave), 201-420-9550. Family Event
Visual Arts 5pm-2am LITM presents “In The Eye.” Beauty is subjective, and the subject of this group exhibition. We asked the participating artists to give us their interpretations on the concept of beauty whether cultural, commercial, societal, or personal. 140 Newark Ave (betw Grove/Erie St), 201-536-5557. Barrier-freeFamily Event
Visual ArtsEducational 6pm-9pm BALANCE SALON/18 ERIE GALLERY BALANCE SALON/18 ERIE GALLERYpresents “UFO Abductee Experience Exhibition w/David Huggins.” View artwork created by David Huggins, depicting his true alien abduction experience. Discuss, share, ponder and enjoy! Presented by Timothy Green Beckley, publisher of Global Light Communications and conspiracy journal magazines. Light installations by Norm Francoeur, show designed and curated by Vincent Minervini. 18 Erie St (at 1st St), 201-369-7000.
Educational 6:30pm-10pm MARY BENSON GALLERY presents “The Great Meditate.” Namaste! Come join in a group meditation conducted by Certified instructor Sister Sunshine at Jersey City’s esteemed Mary Benson Gallery. Learn different forms of meditation, breathing, and ways to focus energy. Participants are free to stay and meditate for the evening or stop in and take the mantra with them. 369 Third St (betw Brunswick/Third St), 201-394-9891. Family Event
Visual Arts 7pm-10pm LAMP POST BAR & GRILLE presents a photography show. Come join your friends at the Lamp Post to eat, drink and view some of the newer works of the area’s local artists. 382 Second St (betw Monmouth/Brunswick St), 201-222-1331. Family Event
Visual ArtsMusic 7pm-12am RAILROAD STUDIO RAILROAD STUDIOpresents “A Dozen Lamps.” Our downtown live/work space abound with sensory delight and unconditional love returns! Handmade greeting cards by Jessie Cara. Live music by Land of the Look Behind, DJ Purple Stuff and more. Hosted by Kevin and Jess. BYOB please, and mind the stairs! 150 Newark Ave, # 4R (betw Erie/Barrow St), 917-254-0573.
Visual Arts 24/7 THE BRUNSWICK WINDOWTHE BRUNSWICK WINDOWpresents “Shannon Benine, The 03.19.03 Series,” examining the physical and psychological effects of war in the form of a delicate sculptural wall hanging made from photograms of unfolded peace cranes. Each segment represents a fallen U.S. soldier who once lived in Benine’s community. She continues to fold cranes for every fallen soldier until the end of the war. 158 Brunswick St (betw 4th/5th St), 201-978-8939. Barrier-freeFamily Event   
Pavonia Newport
12pm-3am BOCA GRANDE BOCA GRANDEpresents “Communal Art Show,” art by Jersey City’s own Ruler and friends. Live Music (bands TBA). An art piece will be created live Friday, March 4th started by Ruler then continued by each artist in the show. The piece will be auctioned at the end of the evening and proceeds will be donated to Brest Cancer Awareness. 564 Washington Blvd (at 14th St), 201-626-6646. Barrier-free Family Event
Visual Arts 6pm-8pm ART HOUSE PRODUCTIONS and COSI CAFÉ present an Opening Reception for photographer Rory Leslie. Leslie’s work is inspired by urban and rural landscapes, and “the everyday moments that can be taken for granted.” 535 Washington Blvd (directly across from the Newport PATH station), 201-963-0533. Barrier-free Family Event

 Powerhouse arts district
6pm-8:30pm WALDO LOFTS WALDO LOFTSpresents an Opening Reception for Megan Maloy’s “Harford Fair,” a range of unforgettable portraits taken in rural Pennsylvania. A study of the characters who bring the fair’s auctions, animal costume contest, carnival, rodeo and demolition derby to life. Maloy’s colorful photographs capture the spirit of a community changed little over time. 159 2nd St (betw Marin Blvd/Provost St). Barrier-free Family Event 
Van Vorst Park
10am-5pm A SOUND START Sound Startpresents a Winter Open House. Join us for a free day of interactive music and movement for the whole family! Demo Kindermusik classes, Itsy Bitsy Yoga classes, and more will be held throughout the day. Visit our website for a full schedule. 489 Jersey Ave (at Mercer St), 201-200-1342. Family Event
Visual Arts 4pm-8pm BONE BOUTIQUE BONE BOUTIQUEpresents “Oloyu Miya: Spiritual Artwork,” spiritual paintings and carvings that have been influenced by Ancient beliefs and African Culture.  437 Jersey Ave (at Bright St), 201-333-0800. Family Event
Visual Arts 4pm-8pm TIFFANY CRUZ presents “Past Era New Era Same Life,” presenting sketches and paintings. Cruz’s art is inspired by personal fantasies and imagination, giving the artwork liveliness and personification. 440 Jersey Ave (betw Bright/Jersey Ave), 201-333-7004/333-0800. Family Event
Visual ArtsPerformanceEducational 6pm-8pm GRIGORY GUREVICH presents an Open Studio, with an introduction to Pantomime Art (6:30-7:30pm). Not too many people today know what kind of art it is. Come and find out. Visitors can see 3 new oil portraits and other works by Grigory and his son Alexander Gurevich. Don’t miss the new “Magic Book” performance/demonstration. Have fun! 282 Barrow St (at Montgomery St), 201-451-4862. Barrier-free Family Event   
westside ave
4:30pm-7:30pm NJCU GALLERIES NJCU GALLERIESpresents a Closing Reception for “Flesh Art,” a multimedia exhibition exploring varied meaning and implications of flesh through painting, sculpture, photography, installation, and video. The evening will include conversations with artists, music, and some refreshments. Main reception will be held at the Visual Arts Gallery, 100 Culver Ave (at Towers St), with tours to the Lemmerman Gallery on campus (Hepburn Hall 323), 201-200-2496. Barrier-free