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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Doktor Lorenz works on his public patient

 Dj Doktor Lorenz, an infamous WFMU deejay,   dishes up his rare alternative Americana,

jazzy to new wave treasures

joined with record sales by David P.

at 7.oo pm  Kerwyn Velasco performs with ukulele
Kerwyn Velasco is a singer-songwriter based out of Jersey City, New Jersey. He has made three full length albums with his former band The Son of God Goes Forth to War, and is currently playing in an acoustic duo Sounds Like Brown. His unique voice accompanied by either his simple ukulele style or his more complex piano has delighted audiences throughout the Northern New Jersey area. You can often see him play open mics at the Trolley Bar on Wednesdays or at the Path CafĂ© in New York on Thursdays. 

The boutiques on wheels, Nomad boutique for girls and ladies,  and  Spoil my Bitch funky dog accessories
with a super artsy wooden shed on wheels join the market.
The public art project continues with a paper sculpture with wheat paste.
Learn how to paste up your art or wall paper.
Bring paper or fiber items to add to the Creative Grove community sculpture piece.

Food:  Indian savory meals, Paris on Tour sandwiches, Uzbeki bakery and rice pilafs, El Chilango with yummy tacos and possibly the gourmet french patisserie and cakes by Le Petit Temptations.

Creative Grove is every week a different story.

friggin fabulous radio open mic

The Friggin Fabulous Radio Open Mic wed aug 7m  at Trolley Car Bar & Grill, 328 Palisade Avenue, Jersey City. Sign up at the bar at 8:30 or let me know by email if you want to get on the list.


Sea of Otters with P@Atomic and Dog Food at Mojo Lounge, 130 West Side Avenue, Jersey City, THIS Friday at 9:30 pm! We hope to see you there!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

jog with Steven Fulop and Cory Booker

As many of you know there will be a special primary election this Tuesday, August 13th, to fill the U.S Senate seat left vacant by the passing of Senator Lautenberg. I am personally supporting
Cory Booker for U.S. Senate because I believe that as mayor of a city the size of Jersey City, he is the only candidate who knows firsthand the challenges we face here. In this election on Tuesday, my goal is to have Jersey City deliver more votes than any other urban area in the state, so I urge you all to come out and vote in what will be a historical election. 
However, and importantly….
This Saturday, August 10th, starting at noon behind City Hall, Cory and I are inviting you join us for a group jog/run with Jersey City residents. Many of you are aware that I am an avid runner and that last year I competed in the Ironman Championship. With that in mind, I challenged Cory (an All-American football player in college) to a race and he, instead, challenged me to an Ice Cream eating contest - so we settled on a short jog with residents through Jersey City where we’ll finish at Torico’s to eat ice cream together with residents and discuss issues facing our city, state and country.
I hope you can join us this Saturday at noon behind City Hall for our light jog/ice cream as we join and work in support of Cory in next week’s election.
Steven Fulop

call for Greenville art, greenville project

Hope you have all been having a very good summer!  I'm excited to invite you to participate in our next group show which will be featured
during the September JC Fridays weekend (Sept 6th & 7th) as well as on display during the Jersey City Artists Studio Tour weekend (October
5th & 6th).
The theme of the show is simple:   I  GREENVILLE

We are seeking visual art of all styles (paintings, photographs, collage, drawings, sculpture etc) made by people living in Greenville
or depicting Greenville in some way.  So if you live (or lived) here you get free rein!  You have earned it and it will be my pleasure to
provide a space in the neighborhood to share and display your work pertaining to anything you like.  If you live in a different neighborhood but
would like to participate just make sure that your work somehow pertains to Greenville....use it as an excuse to visit and take pictures or make sketches,
learn more about our neighborhood at the library (we have a beautiful branch on Kennedy Blvd which also houses the Afro-American Historical Society Museum)
or online and create a collage or an essay or a timeline....or some other neat Greenville inspired projects : )

Also, in the hopes of adding another dimension to the mix, we are looking for MUSIC this time as well!  Bands, singer/song writers, poets
and rappers are encouraged to get in touch with me as I would love to schedule at least one audio element as a main event for each of the
days in question.  So if you are reading this and are involved with music, please write...either with a description of your own music or with
ideas on folks to contact who might be interested in performing.

As always there will be light refreshments from some of our nearby neighborhood businesses as well as a great exhibit to check out!

From a promotional point of view, any spreading of the word is much appreciated....post on your facebook page or tell your friends and
neighbors who might like to participate or come visit!  I will have flyers and postcards to hand out myself but to also share with any
of you who would be able to spread them around the city at local businesses, libraries, churches and other neighborhood spots for info.
And of course for those of you who participate to invite your friends and family with.

Speaking of which many of you have become MY friends (and my Jersey City Family : ) and I would love to be able to mail you a postcard,
with a stamp and everything, so please let me know your mailing address if you would enjoy receiving some old-fashion, tangible mail.

Hoping to create a nice map for the show with pushpins for people to show where in Greenville they either live, have lived or have
possibly depicted in their work, think it would be a neat interactive feature : )

Ideally it would be great to have everyone's work by August 31st, but as always I'd rather be flexible and have a great varied show

if people need a little extra time...just make arrangements with me.  But let's just say, for arguments sake, DEADLINE AUGUST 31ST.

email to elizabeth deegan

Magnets.com and Customized Stickers is thrilled to announce its partnership with
Freshly Baked Gallery in creating the highly unique retail experience that is Freshly Printed.
Opening Thursday, August 8,
383 Monmouth St, Jersey City, NJ, 07302
Freshly Printed aims to provide expert service that facilitates the design and manufacture of a wide range of promotional printed products, at the same time serving art lovers and collectors. 
 The exciting new space will open its doors with original art on show from International Freshly Baked Gallery artists, and provide a convenient new location for Jersey City residents to fulfill their personal and professional custom printing needs.
Since 1997, Magnets.com is a leading producer of custom, high-quality promotional refrigerator magnets. Family-owned and operated in Jersey City, NJ, Magnets.com acquired the complementary site Customizedstickers.com in 2011.
Customized Stickers is a premier designer and manufacturer of custom decals, labels, bumper stickers, and vinyl stickers.
Freshly Baked Gallery

Since 2008, Freshly Baked Gallery has been representing a curated selection of emerging and recently established New Contemporary artists from around the globe; offering their highly collectable original artworks for sale in a unique online gallery setting. Freshly Baked’s recent operational relocation from Down Under (Australia) to Downtown (Jersey City) and this expansion in to the print world is an evolutionary step for a revolutionary art gallery.
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE—7/30/2013 CONTACT: Morgan Metius 201.448.0733 mmetius@magnets.com
383 Monmouth St, Jersey City, NJ, 07302

Monday, August 5, 2013

from home to heartbreak and back, Bojana Coklyat solo exhibit

From partially losing her sight to type 1 diabetes to having her heart broken, Jersey City Heights artist Bojana Coklyat has been through her share of trials.
Next week, the 34-year-old will share paintings born from her personal journey in her solo show “From Home to Heartbreak and Back” at restaurant, bar and art gallery LITM.
The past five years have been a wild ride for Coklyat. In 2008, she became legally blind when diabetes caused blood vessels in her eyes to burst. In 2011, she received a kidney and pancreas transplant that changed her life, allowing her to live without dialysis and insulin injections as well as allowing her to keep some of her sight.
Other adventures include teaching art at St. Joseph’s School for the Blind, going back to study fine arts at New Jersey City University (she hopes to eventually be an art therapist) and a few relationships, good and bad.
“My health has improved, I’ve adjusted to my vision, I’m back in school which has been a huge goal for years, I’m in a happy, healthy relationship…all these things are coming together,” says Coklyat. “And I’ve noticed that in the past year, my work has a similar feel to my stuff from the past couple years but there’s definitely a lighter feel.”
Before, Coklyat’s female figures, rendered in her signature bold, moody lines, often cast their eyes down. Now, they look viewers square in the eye.
“To me it signifies more of a comfortable confidence,” she says. “There’s something different going on. A lot of my stuff in the past couple months are much lighter, sweeter. Even my color palette is lighter with pastel blues and white…I’m letting go a little bit more, letting myself be looser with the brushstrokes and lines…there’s more joyful energy.”
"Dickinson Hill" by Bojana Coklyat
Alongside her happier paintings, the artist is also going to show some of her “hurt” paintings, dark works that she says actually have helped her find hope and healing.
“The show spans from 2009 to now and in that time I’ve had two relationships and two break-ups. One happened after my transplant, which was really hard, devastating and crushing. It’s funny because I felt it should be the happiest time of my life but I was just crying all over Jersey City!” she says with a laugh.
“The paintings I do out of catharsis, they’re so dark. I was looking at them recently and I thought, ‘I don’t need to keep these hurt paintings anymore.’ I have some from 10 years ago and I thought, ‘I’m not carrying this around anymore!’ And I painted over them. I painted funny, happy, sexy paintings.
“I am taking all the old hurt and changing it around. I am molding these paintings into something more current with how I feel now. All those paintings and experiences are part of me and make me who I am now but I am able to transcend them and turn them into something positive,” she says.
Earlier this year, Coklyat’s ability to overcome adversity (and a tip from LITM curator Andrea Morin) got her a spot in an art show that was videotaped for “Girls Interrupted,” a reality show pilot that might find its way onto Oprah Winfrey’s OWN Network.
At the show in New York City, which was organized by You Are a Warrior, which aims to help people connect socially to find healing, Coklyat and several others shared their stories about overcoming things like Hurricane Sandy, cancer or being transgender.
Coklyat also works with visually impaired kids ages 3 to 21 at St. Joseph’s, which will have a juried art show for high schoolers in Hudson County next year. She is also helping to curate a show for the Jersey City Artists Studio Tour at the school in October.
“From Home to Heartbreak and Back” opens Tuesday, Aug. 6 with a reception at 7 pm at LITM, 140 Newark Ave. For more information, visit Coklyat’s website.

article by Summer Hortillosa for the Jersey City Independent