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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

JC Studio Tour 2011

in a nutshell

there is shuttle service to take you to all the remote locations or simply to take you around,
the shuttles departure points are  161 2nd street, (Parlay studios)
JCAST Studio Tour

"Pro Arts members Exhibit"

Victory Hall

art house

exquisite corpse

Daryl Ann Saunders

"Through the Lens Photo Exhibit"

Live Bait at Creative Grove

"I Feel Better Already"

JC Powerhouse Short Film Festival

Soul Collage

Not Yo Mama's News

"Wearable Art" Evolve Wear

"From Across the River"

"Where in the World"

Jenna Adams

Gallery 307

365 Days Inprint

MORA Museum of Russian Art

Victory Arts Projects @ Mana Contemporary

888 Newark Ave JC
Jersey City Studio tour- Sept 30 5-9pm, Oct 1-2, 12-6pm

Pin-It-Up: The Hallway Show
Curated by James Pustorino
featuring artists
Sky Kim, Jill Scipione, Greg Brickey, Sandra DeSando, Peter Emerick
Pin-It-Up at Mana is one of a new series of exhibitions

organized by
Victory Arts Projects that focuses on the exploration, interconnection
and interaction of drawing and
image-making as visual thought.

Beerhall Banners:
Edward Fausty/Shack-Fragments-Iris Kufert-Rivo/Gnomes
Two great series of images occupy backs and fronts of double-sided
9-ft banners adorning the Beergarden.
Victory Arts Projects- Art in Public: Windows of Inspiration @MLK HUB
MLK and VA Ave. Jersey City- Across from MLK LightrailThe eight windows at the corner of MLK & VA Avenue, JC,

across from the
MLK light-rail are now emblazoned with six foot tall, full-color,beautiful designs
and inspirational quotes from Martin Luther King Jr.
Sponsored by Jersey City Redevelopment Agency.
The project showcases artworks by
Ibou Ndoye, Gregory Charles & Mike Markman.

Exquisite Corpse Show at Mana Fine Art which will
definitely be one of the highlights of the tour...it's an amazing group
show!  Info below

Jersey City, New Jersey

This weekend, please join us for the highly anticipated 2011 Jersey City Artist Studio Tour! From 12-5pm on Saturday and Sunday, we will be showing an exciting new group exhibition, NEW SKOOL: What Inspires You? From Toulouse-Lautrec to street graffiti, artists examine who and what has influenced the work they are creating today.

Art House Productions and
Cassieopia present
What Inspires You?
A Group Exhibition
Sat and Sun 12-5pm
October 1st & 2nd, 2011  Hamilton park, 6th floor

Mark Finne , Len Cicio, DISTORT , Greg Maka, Robin Hood
Stephanie Riggi, Aimee Hertog , Gina Marr , Stefan DeCarlo
Lny , Kristen Marino, Bojana Coklyat , Leon Reid IV
Francine Demeulenaere  

Live performance by ANIMAL CRACKAS at the end of Saturday's viewing hours!

Creative Grove:
Live Bait!   Eto Otitigbe

 What would you risk your neck for?  Live Bait! Is a public social sculpture by polymedia artist Eto Otitigbe.
 It consists of a set of life-sized rattraps with various kinds of bait.  The sculptures will be installed at Creative Grove on the
Grove Street Path plaza from Friday September 30th through  Saturday October 1st. 
Visitors are encouraged to risk life and limb for a chance at capturing the bait.
JCs independent art scene with the
   ever changing music, installations, sounds and performance art sound this week:
  Ben Miller, a renowned musician in the field of instrumental avant garde jazz.
artists, artisans, foodies,

 Grove Street PATH Plaza  on fridays
the best outdoor lounge metro-wide

SoulCollage® demonstration, sign-up for new knitting classes,
or just come to hang out and chat. Arts Intertwined
Fiber arts
128 Chestnut Avenue Jersey City NJ

4th street art & music festival
all details here http://tinyurl.com/6e9xhcd 
NOT Yo' MaMa'S NeWS: Art Happens 
4th St Art & Music Fest  -  Jersey City Artists' Studio Tour
12 - midnight on 4th street between newark and  3rd street
JC Village

Fish with Braids presents
poetic and innovative proposals for
wearable art  Oct 1 - 4
works by
Uta Brauser
Laura Quattrocchi
Abbey Klotz
Vincent Minervini
Vincent Zambrano
Renee Dwyer
Diane DiRaimo

with a "fashion show" performance DIGI SKINS of videomapping onto wearable geometric
shapes by Uta Brauser and Kaliptus
Oct 1, 8 pm
Mary Benson Gallery  369 third street, Jersey City
Oct 1, noon - 10 pm
Oct 2, 10 - 6pm
Oct 3  2-8pm
Oct 4  2-8pm

The Brennan Gallery
 “From Across the River”  A photography exhibit about  9/11 as seen from the Jersey Side
Photographs by Sandra Swieder
September 27, 2011 – October 14, 2011
Justice William J. Brennan Court House
583 Newark Avenue
Jersey City, NJ 07306

Museum of Russian Art
80 Grand St. Jersey City, NJ 07302
As a part of Jersey City studio Tour
International Exhibition of Visual Art
Oct. 1st and 2nd from 12 noon until 6pm

  October 1st from 7pm until 11pm

  Fashion Show will start at 7:30 pm sharp

Dress code to enter the exhibition opening:
Gentlemen - Black Tie /not casual, no jeans/
Ladies - Extravagant, Sexy
Donations of food or alkohol - welcome.
Director - Margo Grant.
Curator of exhibition
Grigory Gurevich

JC powerhouse short film festival

Monday, September 26, 2011

Live Bait! a public social sculpture

Live Bait!   Eto Otitigbe

What would you risk your neck for?  Live Bait! Is a public social sculpture by polymedia artist Eto Otitigbe.  It consists of a set of life-sized rattraps with various kinds of bait.  The sculptures will be installed on the Grove Street Path plaza with CREATIVE GROVE from Friday September 30th through  Saturday October 1st.  Visitors are encouraged to risk life and limb for a chance at capturing the bait.

Creative Grove: JCs independent art scene with the
ever changing music, installations, sounds and performance art

sound this week:
Ben Miller, a renowned musician in the field of instrumental avant garde jazz.
Miller has recently collaborated as sound designer for renowned Poet Anne Carson. NOX was performed in Boston and in Miami with Anne, Robert Currie and Merce Cunningham dancers Rashaun Mitchell and Silas Riener.
with NYC's Sensorium Saxophone Orchestra "...fully embracing the spectral melodies and otherworldly timbres that emerge in multi-instrument settings...a haunting dissonant swoon like that of battling church organs, or a swarm of bugs." - Village Voice, Christopher Weingarten Aug. 2009

artists, artisans, foodies,

Grove Street PATH Plaza

the best outdoor lounge metro-wide

"creative grove artist & designer market" on Facebook

8th Annual Fourth street Art & Music festival

a full block of activities, vendors, art, lots of music,
food and beer
371 4th Street
Jersey City, New Jersey
Oct 2,  noon - midnight

2011 Studio Tour closing party

Jersey City Artists' Studio Tour Closing Party

Parlay Studios
161 2nd St.
Jersey City, NJ 07302
Sunday - October 2, 2011

Join us for the closing party of the Jersey City Studio Arts Tour!
Entertainment by Sirelo Entertainment & Friends

ELDAD TARMU (Vibraphone, World Music)
American vibraphonist and composer of Israeli origin Eldad Tarmu has recorded and performed with some of the most significant figures in their musical genres including: The Symphonic Orchestra of “Banatul” Philharmonic in Timisoara, Poncho Sanchez, Ernie Watts, Taj Mahal, Cybill Shepherd, Freddie Hubbard, Billie Higgins, Frank Morgan, Ron Affif, Jeff Clayton, Jeff Hamilton, Al McKibbon, John Pizano, Sherman Ferguson, Roy McCurdy, Joe LaBarbera, Henry Franklin, Sue Rainey, Ron Anthony and Cengiz Yaltkaya.

TARIK SULTAN (Egyptian Dance)
Tarik began his formal training in Oriental Dance as a student of Morocco in 1985. Over the years his talent and dedication to the art has earned him a reputation as a dynamic performer, and inspiring teacher and choreographer. He has taught many successful seminars across the nation as well as The UK, Japan, Australia, Trinidad and Argentina.

MONEESHA KAMANI (Kalakshetra Style of Bharatanatyam)
Utsava (Sanskrit meaning festival): Join Moneesha Kamani and students in a bharatanatyam performance and class demonstration by Malachite Arts at Grassroots Community Space on the happy festival of Onam- a harvest celebration in South India. Bharatanatyam, considered a variety of natya (dance) yoga that reveals the spiritual through the physical and emotional body is the most popular and ancient Indian classical dance form in South India. With roots that trace back to 5000 years ago, Bharatanatyam embodies music, movement and mythological stories to create a visual form. The dancer emotes and performs complex dance sequences to ancient epics and poems written on Hindu Gods and Goddesses such as Krishna, Radha, Shiva set to a uniquely composed melody and rhythm. In Hindu mythology it is believed that Shiva, the cosmic dancer or Natraja destroys evil and maintains the cycle of creation, preservation and dissolution of the Universe through his dance or Tandava.

INSURGO STAGE PROJECT (Theatrically Motivated Dance)
Insurgo Stage Project is a theatrically motivated dance company that strives to redefine the constructs of the stage and re-imagine the relationship between audience and performer. Using real-life experiences and stories from the ensemble and the audience, Insurgo invents collaborative work that reflects individual and collective human experiences contextualized in a contemporary social sphere.

CUDA (Breakdancing)
The Community for Urban Dance & Art (CUDA) is a non-profit organization designed for the educational purpose of providing a positive and creative outlet for inner-city youth to practice and showcase diverse art forms founded in the urban culture. With the goal to stimulate a young person's talents, enhance self-confidence, personal growth, and appreciation for the visual and performing arts, CUDA has teamed up with diverse groups of artists, musicians, dancers and community leaders to make great programs and workshops available for the youth of Hudson County and surrounding areas. We also aim to emphasize and develop skills in self-discipline, teamwork, leadership skills, decision making skills, appreciation of multicultural differences, and community service. With your individual help and support, together we can make our own communities thrive by providing more opportunities for our young people to reach their highest potential.

Relatively new to Jersey City, Chelo has had a crash course in the art scene. Since 1999, he has managed and created a number of non-profit community outreach family and service programs. Recently, Chelo has spear-headed a local artistic neighborhood improvement/service providing facility called Grassroots Community Space. “Grassroots” is the home of a multitude of diverse holistic, artistic and educational programs.
Inspired by the surge of electric artistic energy from his relatively new home of Jersey City, and the neighboring New York City, Chelo and his wife Sirena have recently formed a multifaceted entertainment company called, Sirelo Entertainment. His ventures have allowed him to meld his learnings in a way that improves him and ultimately those around him. Chelo currently holds degrees in Psychology, Exercise Science and Humanities. He is a creator, dancer, percussionist, fire spinner and much more…

DJ PURPLE STUFF (Music Selector)

JIMMY LOPEZ (Live Percussion)
A musician, educator, composer, producer, collaborator, and recording artist specializing in exotic world percussion instruments, electronic percussion, digital effect processors, and live looping devices. Also known to be a vocalist in various genres of music, mimicking pop to jazz, avant garde, classical, heavy metal, and all the way to primal_indigenous vocal styles. His global ethnic explorations, and diversified electronic skills, make him a very creative musician. born with a highly energetic and creative spirit, he is considered the percussionist of choice for many artists, and has recorded and toured regularly with popular musicians and groups. "On stage i can build a unique and innovative sound by mixing all this technological equipment with my own live acoustic percussion at the same time"---Jimmy Lopez ...

THE ARTISTS' LAB (Swing Dancing)
Joe Palmer (dancer, teacher & choreographer) and Catherine Schmetter (fine artist & apparel designer) formed
The Artists’ Lab; a welcoming environment dedicated to creative exploration, collaboration and inspiration. “The Lab” offers a forum in which artists and designers can showcase work, interact, and market their products. In addition to individual creative pursuits our artists extend their knowledge and love of art to the community through classes, workshops and social events including gallery openings, dances and performances. We feature artists from various genres: dancers, painters, potters, jewelry makers, musicians, industrial designers, set designers, photographers, and apparel designers.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Stephen Cimini, open studio

Stephen Cimini Studio
777 Bergen Avenue Suite 216 (Barrier free access)
Jersey City, NJ
Oct 1,2   noon -6pm 

EVOLVE WEAR, wearable art and performance

Oct 1 - 4,2011
Mary Benson Gallery, 369 third Street, Jersey City NJ
hours Oct 1, 12-10 pm
Oct 2, 10am - 6pm
Oct 3, 2 - 8pm
Oct 4, 2 - 8pm
Uta Brauser 646 573 7164 for all info

Poetic and innovative proposals of wearable art,
Digi Skins by Uta Brauser and Kaliptus
video mapped projections onto wearable geometric shapes
Oct 1, 8pm performance

repurposed woven and crocheted plastic
Abbey Klotz

repurposed surgical gloves for
a dress, short film about the process
Laura Quattrocchi

altered clothing to become artwear
Vincent Minervini

embodied wearables of photographs
Vincent Zambrano, interpreted by Uta Brauser

fashion designs 2nd life method
Uta Brauser

glass creations to adorn
Renee Dwyer

Urban traffic lights and antique clock parts made into jewelery
Diane DiRaimo

a boutique section will allow to browse the most
ready-to-wear designs as part of the fashion experience.

"Fashion is art and it must remain a dream
that materializes in beautiful clothes,
free of any scheme."
Anna Molinari