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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Creations Culture event

good vibes collective presents to you another journey into the mind of an artist.. a mixed medium art show bringing light to various creators, artists and musicians.. the last show was amazing and we want to keep it going. so if you missed the last one.. NO Excuses :) and if you were there, im sure we will see you again. Participating artists will be posted soon.. Much Love and Light..

Live painting by Trevor Huffert !
the amazing creations Of Darin Defeild
Jessica Siemens Photography
Kevon Simpson poet,
Anthony Scutro Handmade Ceremonial pipes/ Paintings
Jerome China Metal sculpture
Cynthia Renta afro latin diaspora poetry and song
TED talk J.R the artist film will be shown as well speaking about the Inside Out Project..
Mama Ruth Sophie will be providing us with some food, dont miss out on that. i will eat it all my damn self! Ha!
and you will be there... showcasing yourself in all of your splendor.. the work of art that you are.. 

Sunday, September 22, 2013

P>E>A>C>E community garden communal dinner

St. Paul's is having their 3rd community dinner from 5-7 this sunday september 22nd.  
You are welcome to come and bring a friend(s).  
P.E.A.C.E. Garden resides on the the St. Paul's premises, 5 corners.
While you are at the dinner you can check out the garden as well.  

Before the dinner, starting at 3, there is a talk about food and at 4 some guerilla side walk chalking. should be fun!