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Friday, July 15, 2011

summer concerts at the "Hub"

city wide property tax appraisal talk at VVPA

Van Vorst Park meeting, July 19, 7.30 pm
Barrow Mansion , 83 Wayne street
on agenda:
Steve Rubenstein
Steve is principal appraiser of Realty Appraisal Co. They are handling our city wide appraisal for our new property taxes. If you own a home this the THE meeting of the year that you will want to attend. Steve will be on hand at this month’s meeting to give a brief presentation and take questions concerning the upcoming Jersey City Revaluation.

Also on our agenda this month:
Richard Bleeker and Laura Fraschilla, President and Vice President of the Barrow Mansion Development Corporation.  They will introduce their
organization and their outreach plan for the Van Vorst Community.

Welcome to our newest board member  YOLANDA FOLEY!!
Come to one of our meetings and see how you can make a difference in your community like Yolanda’s doing.

Bike news

Please secure bicycles in a secure area whether in your home, parking garage or parking lot.  There has been an increase in bike thefts from our area, including from private parking garages.  U-Locks have proven more effective against theft and are recommended over chain or cable locks.  And please keep a photo of your bicycle with the model and serial number listed in a safe place at home.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

turning up the heat, Ladell McLin, Creative Grove

July 15 the funky blue jazz trio Ladell McLin
heats up the vibe
with their live tunes

Deejay and sound Kevin Spyker

Creative Grove a destination in JC,
every time a different story, different artists
new faces, games and food

visit the art row at Creative Grove artist & designer market

CREATIVE GROVE TV the new art community media feature
for metro artists,
curated and edited by Veejay Anna
also accepting submissions for videos about your neighborhood
and the documentation of the process how things are made.
We want to re-educate the public to bring awareness about what it takes to make
our common use objects

JC Library bookmobile is inviting you to find a book you wanted to read

Grove Street PATH Plaza
friday July 1st,
2 - 8 pm
creative grove artist & designer market on Facebook

your weird society, outdoor living room, indie art scene with the
ever changing music, sounds and performance art

CREATIVE GROVE artist market rocks, every friday on downtowns
central plaza: Grove street PATH

JC Live opening night

There is a hot new act in Downtown Jersey City!

Presented by Downtown Live and SOAR Nation, JC Live is a fresh open performance showcase that will fire up the mic and light up the stage on Thursday, July 14th.

This dynamic series spins the spotlight on music, dance, spoken word, film and surprise performances every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month.

Doors open at 8:30pm
Tickets are $5

...and SOAR Nation will donate a portion of your purchase to charity.
You can also purchase tickets at the Door!!

Want to share your talent on the JC Live stage?
Find out how to have your voice heard at: www.dtlive.org

Email booking@soarnation.com to submit your talent for performance on the JC Live stage!

Confirmed Performers:

J Ross Parrelli

Land of the Look Behind

Eugene Yu - Sweets Productions

The Audiobodies



Monday, July 11, 2011

Tempest Jam Sessions Lamppost

The Tempest Jam 
Musicians welcome, Poets welcome\
every wednesday, 9 - midnight, Lamppost Bar and Grille, 2nd street x Brunswick
Beer and shot specials. 

COme for the drinks, stay for the music. 

Bring your axes. House Keyboard available.


Jazzer sized-up Groove on Grove

HDSID presents Groove on Grove's

Jazz Saxaphonist and Recording Artist : Tom Tallitsch [6pm]

New Tricks Jazz [7pm]

Beninghove's Hangmen [8pm] http://beninghoveshangmen.​bandcamp.com/

with special performances by The
JC Slam http://www.facebook.com/je​rseycityslam

PSI Certified ...... Slammer approved! Birthed from the mental wombs of Jersey City Poets, was JC Slam! Offering the community a "Poetic Cornucopia" geared toward personal and environmental empowerment.

JC Slam is a certified member of Poetry Slam, Inc. (PSI). Producing an event that offers diversity in a competition with National implications. We pride ourselves in the willingness to combine forces with all branches of art and education to better equip our communities and keep them rounded.

---start times are sharp---

about the bands :


"Cleveland, Ohio native Tom Tallitsch currently lives in Hamilton, NJ. A saxophonist, clarinetist, flutist, composer and jazz radio host, he is the founding director of the Central NJ Homeschool Bands, works as a piano tutor to students with autism at The Princeton Child Development Institute, and was a member of the artist faculty at Mercer County Community College from 1999-2006. Previous teaching positions include The Westminster Conservatory, the Philadelphia Clef Club, the Creative Music Studios and The Groove Academy. Tallitsch is the organizer of the non-profit arts organization “Living Arts Outreach, Inc.” This recording features Tallitsch working with Philadelphia area artists including John Stenger on piano, guitarist Victor Baker, bassist Paul Gehman and Justin Leigh on drums. All eight tracks were composed by Tallitsch.

As a composer Tallitsch’s compositions grow and slowly evolve rather than take the more traditional head-solo-head arrangement. This is more a reflection of the intuitive leanings of the ensemble as a whole than any outside construed influence. Leigh’s brilliant drum work drives each of the tracks forward on to new vistas, but in different ways. Sometimes he allows things to grow organically, as on “Swirl,” and sometimes he’s more in the front,” as on “Conscious Contact.” What he never is, however, is uninvolved. Intuitively tied into the musicians around him, his brilliant technique is a wonderful foil to the long lines Tallitsch has a tendency to unfurl.

As a saxophonist Tallitsch is all about building solos, taking the listener on a journey. An obvious student of the jazz art form, Tallitsch knows how to take the harmonic possibilities his compositions include and craft soloistic lines that move forward towards greater and greater emotional highs. With such an incredibly empathetic group of musicians around him, the results are almost always wonderful.

The accompanying ensemble makes the most of Tallitsch’s music. Stenger’s piano, many times call upon to play swirling and quickly repeated ostinato-ish figurations, as on “Propellerhead” and “Red Giant,” among others, is sensitive almost to a fault. Careful to remain an accompanist, his comping choices sometimes lack a bit of bite, but you can’t fault his abilities as his solos throughout the disc are exquisite. Gehman’s bass work reacts more than connects, but there is so much introspective playing going on around him you can’t fault him. In the growing canon of recorded work by Tallitsch Perspective offers another fine example of the work by this continually growing and developing artist."


In case you needed to be reminded appearances—
and preconceptions—are often deceiving.
Take the latest disc by the NYC-area quartet
New Tricks—two horns, bass, and drums. One
might think the contents are going to be post-
Ornette Coleman “out” jazz. Wrong—this foursome
forgoes the presence of a chordal instrument
(like piano or guitar) not to “depart” from a
conventional semblance of harmony but to emphasize
harmony. So Alternate Side superficially
evokes the classic Ornette Coleman Quartet(s) of
the 1950s, the style is surging, hard-swinging
hard bop a la Lee Morgan, Freddie Hubbard, and
Art Blakey, with wee touches of free jazz (as
defined by Don Cherry, Dave Douglas, and Ornette).

The sparse, mournful “Vicenza Days” gives
the horn-gents a chance to shine, but not in any
pyrotechnical manner. Ted Chubb is both brassy
(no pun intended) and elegiac, his crisp, fervent
tone somewhat evoking Booker Little. Mike
Lee’s tenor is velvety yet tart, with blues as the
soft/hard center. Both lads play soulfully, and
while the ambiance is glum it never becomes
oppressive, dull, or dirge-like. Lee’s vocalized
and slightly raspy tone on “Back To Work” flirts
briefly with flurries of free, but he swings mightily
over tumultuous (but not “free”/”out”) bass
and drums. Shawn Baltazor’s rumbles and crackles
with authority and with restraint. “New Dog”
has a wry, blues-tinged swagger (almost Ornettelike,
in fact), and Chubb gets to sear here with
his temperate and punchy, bob-and-weave approach.

New Tricks’ tunes—all originals—have an
immediate, dynamic, and tuneful drive. This
band is big on ensemble work, lots of interplay,
give-and-take. The tracks are fairly lengthy (nine
tunes in almost 70 minutes) but there’s very little
rambling. Alternate Side recalls Blakey’s Free
For All and Hubbard’s High Blues Pressure—
not avant-garde but aware of and valuing its
volatile energy, which gets worked into an edgybut-
accessible hard bop context. Sharp stuff,


Rick Parker - tbone
Kellen Harrison - bass
Dane Johnson - gtr
Eyal Maoz - gtr
Shawn Baltazor - drums
Bryan Beninghove -sax/compositions

“Creeptastic grinder jazz for the masses”.

When the music was first conceived for Beninghoveʼs Hangmen, it began with the desire to create music that sounded like “Tom Waits meets Nightmare Before Christmas”. As the music developed, it began to sound more like a couple of chainsaws were invited to a burlesque show.

The brainchild of saxophonist Bryan Beninghove, the Hangmen assembles some of NYCʼs most unique dynamic talents. The band features Rick Parker on trombone (Ambient Assault), Eyal Maoz (Edom - Tzadik Records) and Dane Johnson (Foglizard) on guitars, Kellen Harrison on bass, and Shawn Baltazor (Supernatural Percussion) on drums.

Originally from the Baltimore area, Beninghove is a tireless bandleader, performing in a variety of different musical environments. In 2009, his “Organ Trio” album of grits and gravy B3 repertoire earned a Village Voice jazz top pick honor. He currently plays melodica and saxes in the French band Manouche Bag every Thursday night in Jersey City, leads the R&B group Soul Connection NYC, and has played extensively as a sideman in hip hop, death metal, big band swing, jump blues, and classical settings.

Beninghoveʼs Hangmen is the inevitable repercussion of this vast musical experience. A tango may be followed up by a surf tune, a waltz ensues, and then comes the Turkish punk jam. The band twists and turns more than a Tarantino film played backwards.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Kirikou and the sourceress, sunday night film forum JCAS

JCAS presents “Kirikou and the Sorceress” (1998) (Yvonne Vairma presents)
July 10, 7.30 - 10.30  JCAS  326 5th Street, Ground Floor
Drawn directly from West African folk tales, writer-director Michel Ocelot’s 1998 animated film is the tale of an extraordinary boy named Kirikou born into a village held hostage by an evil sorceress. The brave and wise little boy solves the mysteries of the sorceress Karaba’s powers, and confronts the source of his village’s pain.

Winner of 11 film festivals’ best feature/animated film awards from 1999 to 2000, “Kirikou and the Sorceress” features animation inspired by the paintings of Henri Rousseau, as well as original music by Youssou N'Dour.

Film starts at 7:30, discussion to follow.
FREE admission; $5 donation suggested.
Beverages will be available, but please leave food at the door.

Country: France/Belgium
Language: English
Runtime: 74 min

Bastille day at LITM

 July 14, 5 -8 pm   LITM, 140 Newark ave
DJ Pastiche Spinning French Musique from Multiple Genres and Eras (7pm-Close)
10 % off all French Champagne and Sparkling Wine & $1 off Bordeaux Wines (All Night!)
French Food Specials (Kitchen open til 11:45)

BUY + SELL = GAIN @ Ed's salvage

Who doesn't enjoy a good FLEA!

Beginning July 10, 2011, Ed's Exchange (http://www.edsexchange.com​/) will host an indoor/outdoor FLEA MARKET at 672 Bergen Ave. in Jersey City.

Come on by and enjoy music, food, and the spirit of the neighborhood, all while perusing wares by local artists, musicians, crafters, dealers, and collectors. Also, meet folks who are making a difference in our community and helping projects like this get of...f the ground.
Your Sunday fun is all within walking distance of the Journal Square Path and even closer for some of you area residents.

So, every Sunday morn, role out of bed, put your comfy clothes on and take a stroll down Bergen Ave. and get bitten by the FLEA!