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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Unzipped, NTEL and Then One

april 1st, 7 - 11pm opening reception

New works by THEN.ONE and NTEL

58 Gallery, Jersey City, NJ

NTEL-  I am a self-taught practitioner of fine art for approximately 20 years, and a self-guided participant of graffiti and street art for approximately 13 years.  I have traveled extensively for first 25 years of my life, experiencing many different cultures, styles, ideas, and regions of the world.  All, of which, come together in my artwork.  I am constantly striving to truly bridge the gap between "fine" art and "street" art.  Blatantly evident in my works, displaying contemporary touches of abstract expressionism, modern design, as well as found objects, unique figures, and subtle graffiti accents. 
THEN ONE-  I am an artist, illustrator, muralist and designer I use bold colors and imagery to create pieces of art that represent a visual manifestation of my feelings and the world that surrounds me. My work explores my heritage as well as my background as an artist of the street and how it fits as well as clashes within today's society. Though cultures may clash, my goal is to create pieces of art that can broaden the visual horizons of gallery owners and curators as well as art collectors to see that street-art and graffiti is a legitimate art form. The Contemporary art movement was the last major movement in art and I believe that graffiti and street art will be recognized as the next big movement. Ultimately I want to leave my mark in this new movement that is influencing my entire generation.

Unzipped represents us opening a side of us that is not normally seen. Our work in this show is a reflection of our experiences, how we portray the world that surrounds us. The collaborative installation will quite literally unzip the walls of the gallery with a brightly painted mural directly onto the walls of the gallery. This in a sense is a tribute to our roots as graffiti artists showing the side of us that is not traditionally seen on gallery walls. In Unzipped the works featured will mainly be paintings on canvas as well as drawings and sculpture.