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Thursday, April 10, 2014

REINCARNATE Creative Grove

Revive, repurpose, recycle, recreate, innovate and bring new spirit:
a tribute to the Found and Recycled movement!
Art, Fashion, Music, Design, Technology and Earthfriendliness.
Look for salvaged materials, vintage, new ways to use discarded items, re-interpreted and mashed up music, solar styles, bicycle power, ideas for roof top and Urban farming, found object art and instruments

ON THE DECKS: DJ Bill William McCamie and DJ Iris Irs Nephilim

  • vocalist Jerr Ra Blues at 4 pm
  • yoga performance/session with Jivamukti yoga, at 4.30 pm  www.Jivamuktiyogajc.com
  • Electronic sound performance by The Use ( Michael Durek ) at 6.00 pm. File under: Electronic, IDM, Psych Pop and theremin, from NJ to Mumbai to LA, the moon and beyond.
  • Poop Chat with Meredith, Rachel Roman and Jordan De Lisio on the stage toilet props
  • belly dance performance by Maria De La O

GREEN ART BAR with micro brewed beer, green cocktails, art action drinks (Arts in Action fundraiser for Creative Grove)