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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Creative Interactive Grove

Nov 22,2013 at Creative Grove

watch a beat up Ford Taurus  getting  painted by various artists:
Uta Brauser and Paws 21 joined by those who show up to join in. (you never know who comes through, that is the character of a scene..)
The owners of the car are Ray and BetheAnne Schwartz.

Paint action starts at 4.30 pm

Mega Mission with Wolf Juice keep the Urban spoken word and Urban sounds alive:
Jersey City raw style 
on the plaza.
photography Daniel Kodaq Morteh

Urban tribal market always with new faces and surprises,
special suggestion:
when you see amazing works, get them as they are present,
not everyone will be there every week.
We live in the now. We celebrate NOW.

The crowd source fundraiser for keeping this market at a weekly level is 
"Keep Creative Grove spinning" on Indiegogo

get your perks folks!, we have lots of fun and original items helping you to release Dollars
towards your neighborhood character maker: Creative Grove

We do need to inform the community that if we do not see the support needed,

changes to this creative original institution in Jersey City will apply.