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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Multiplicities at Drawing rooms opening

MULTIPLICITIES: an exhibition of imaginative visual systems. drawingrooms.org

180 Grand St Jersey City
June 27 through August 11, 2013.
Drawings, paintings, wall installations by Milosz Koziej, Megan Klim, Bill Rybak,
Loura van der Meule, Nyugen E. Smith, Vincent Salvati, William Stamos, Liz Cohen,
Winifred McNeill, Greg Brickey, Max Velez and James Pustorino.
Hours- THURS/FRi 4-7pm SAT/SUN 2-6pm free admission

In philosophy, multiplicity can be defined as the multi-faceted nature of reality. The writer Italo Calvino described the concept of multiplicity in literature as seeing the world as a system of systems.

In our MULTIPLICITIES exhibition, this summer, our Drawing Rooms’ walls will be
covered with engaging systems of numerous, various and re-occurring aspects;
arrangements of multiple shape, form, color and image.
Building with both simple and complex graphic forms through repetition and variation, pattern and contrast, each artist creates a cohesive vision expressive of their own perspective, yet
enveloping the viewer in new experience.