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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

shaved head silver snow queens or pink medusa spring feva ??

Feb 11, 2011
The independent, fierce, most fabulous,  shuv-it-in-the-public's-face
art scene in Jersey City,
in the open, on GROVE street and outside the GROVE STREET PATH station
is resuming the
EVERY FRIDAY schedule this friday, February 11th 2011 !!!!

2 - 8 pm,
music, deejays, musicians, performers, creatives, top weirdos, fringe,
indy crafts, emerging designers, established artists,
outdoor lounge, activism, community

encouraging free expressions,

bringing you  YOUR platform in the public.

make your space reservations with Uta
(by wednesday nights possibly)
30 % off till march 18 on regular fees

(will the ice queen or the nordic medusa have her day? )

this friday we might celebrate snow as winter fairies, snowman contest, ice sculptures
or welcome the new breeze of spring

only the weather gods can tell.

Music by Roland Ramos extraordinaire and his fellows