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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

the Chakra show

Mary Benson Gallery Presents : Curated by ROLAND RAMOS

"The Chakra Show: a Group Art Exhibition" (Also DANIELLE SCOTT'S BIRTHDAY 10/3)

"Chakra" is a sanskrit word for "Spinning Wheel", and refers to the energy centers that pulsate corresponding to certain locations of our earthly bodies. These "Energy Centers" are also known as "Sephirot" and correspond to the Tree of Life, and can be found throughout Millennia by many different n...ames
The goal of this exhibition is to educate the masses through art on how to develop these "Energy centers" in life.

Participating Artist:DANIELLE SCOTT,Jenny Booth ,Daniel Micheal Bertilli,Lissane Lake ,Sal Caruso,Chris Linden ,Carla Cubit,Mani Price,Andrew Blaize Bovasso, olivia Wilber, Gallene St.Amand,Kaliptus, Heather Warful, Hugo Jaurez, John Crittenden, Noel Gussen,Jessica Smith, lora Morgenstern, Jill Slaymaker, Patricia Zapata, Johnathan Fritz, Noel Nunez.

The show will take place as part of the 2010 Jersey City Artist Studio Tour on October 2nd and 3rd.