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Friday, March 5, 2010

Copyright Basics Workshop

The 58 Gallery (58 Coles St)
Saturday, March 20th 2:00pm - 5:00pm

Copyright Basics Workshop:
A Guide to rights management for the independent creative professional

United Divas Inc, Weerai Music and the 58 Gallery present a workshop that outlines the basics about copyright. The presenters, Anthony Hinds and Jan Tompkins, will share stories about various experiences and recent cases that have challenged the interpretations of copyright.

Designed for the independent creative professional, there will be several opportunities to get the questions about how to protect your creations answered through this workshop. Learn about some of the legal resources available to help creators and inventors. Gain a better understanding of how rights management laws enable you to protect and profit from your work. Explore and debate examples of derivative works and fair use situations. Learn ways to decide if the internet is the right forum for “exhibiting” the work you create. Get tips on how to navigate the legalese of the social networking terms of service agreements. Plus, this could be a great opportunity to mingle with other career driven pros.

Topics of discussion include:

- What is Intellectual Property?
- Copyright Registration
- Trademark
- Poor Man’s Copyright
- Rights Management
- Fair Use
- Creative Commons
- Licensing
- Tips about fine print
- Protecting your creations
- Terms of Service Agreements

Tickets will be $10 at the door or $12 via paypal (store@uniteddivas.com) if you want to reserve a seat. *You must RSVP by filling out our online questionnaire if you plan to attend so that we can get an estimate of attendance.* There are only 3 questions, simply to help us get to know your interests in preparation for the workshop. http://uniteddivas.wufoo.com/forms/rsvp-united-divas-workshop-questionaire/

About the presenters:

Anthony Hinds (The Fox)

Tony Hinds is a Copyright, Licensing & Business Development Manager at Missing Link Music and Founder of Weerai Music, LLC
Tony Hinds graduated with honors in law at London University where his thesis focused on the harmonization of European and UK copyright in the context of computer software. Since then Tony has worked with a leading publishing and music administration company (Missing Link Music) that controls the copyright in over 2000 major releases - some of which have been recorded by the likes of Elvis, Mary J Blige, Alice Cooper, Whitney Houston, Luther Vandross and several other contemporary major artists. Tony has worked independently as a music supervisor on advertising campaigns that include Nike and the Girls Scouts of America and provided consulting for the Louisiana Hayride Company (Johnny Cash, June Carter and Elvis) and various other media companies on how to clear musical products for distribution to the general public. Over the past years Tony has been interviewed by the BBC, appeared on various industry panels and even featured on a motion picture documentary about the copyright infringement. For more information please visit weeraimusic.com

Jan Tompkins (Lady Jay)

Jan Tompkins is a Motion Graphics Artist who has worked with clients such as NBC, DIRECTV and G4TV. Some of the projects she has worked on include the 2008 Summer Olympics, UFC on Pay-Per-View, NASCAR Hotpass commercials. Her graphics have appeared in multiple Super Bowl commercials, films and television shows. Jan has worked on movie trailer graphics for The Bourne Identity, Panic Room, Black Hawk Down and The Transporter. With over ten years of experience working in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and Seattle, she has gained understanding about copyright, rights management, trademark and how to read the fine print in contracts. Over the years, Jan has become a go-to person for colleagues and friends for advice on how to speak the same language as clients, when negotiating project deals. For this workshop, her role will be running the visual projections and providing supporting anecdotes from the perspective of a creative professional. For more information, search for Lady Jay right here on facebook to visit her page.