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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sing Your Heart Out Valentine Karaoke Party at the Love Post

Lamp Post (382 2nd St):Thursday Feb 11th 9:30pm

Dear Hopeless Romantics,

I know you wanted to me to buy you a reasonably priced diamond ring from Kay Jewelers for Valentine's Day. But with the economy in more trouble than Tiger Woods and Senator John Edwards, lets just reaffirm our love through song. Yes our relationship has been through the gamut of emotions from Lust, Love, and Honey I want to Kill You. But I cherish the thought of seeing you on stage at the Love Post confessing your desires to me in a Public Display of Affection that rivals the 5 minutes of saliva swapping we used to do in between periods in High School.

On Thursday the 11th, Dancing Tony is hosting a "Sing Your Heart out Valentine Karaoke Party". He's got roses and chocolates for the ladies, and drink specials for the guys (who are used to getting nothing but grief anyway).Plus, he's got a over 400 songs with a full range of emotional selections to choose from too. So whether you want to tell me "Love me Love me " like Dean Martin, or need to pull a song from the Magnetic Fields 69 Love Songs Arsenal ? or just sing me a " Silly Love Song" tonight's our night.